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tappet assembly Over the years We have developed expertise in the manufacturing of critical jobs like Tappet Valves, Tappet Injectors, Weight Carriers and many types of Shafts. These jobs have been productionized on various conventional and CNC machines. The jigs and fixtures required for easy machining routines were designed and manufactured in-house.
The experience gained by the partners in the development of toolings enables us to come up with a solution in Time for any type of turning, milling, grinding and similar kinds of machining.
Our expertise in the machining of HARD jobs having a hardness of up to 40 HRC gives us the required edge in this competitive world.
We have been in the manufacture of various We have gained some valuable experience in the machining of Cast Iron components of Cummins India Limited.
We have also been a supplier Hirlekar Precision who are in the business of flow control valves. We were involved in the manufacture of small precision Aluminium components. shafts

Our Expertise:
* All types of shafts: Drive shafts, Idler shafts, Gear Pump Shafts, etc.
* Tappet Valve/Injector Assemblies.
* Governor Weight Carriers.
* Oil Supply Connections.
* Spark Plug Adaptors (Copper plated).

others Machinery:
* CNC Turning Centers.
* CNC Vertical Machining Centers.
* Milling Machines.
* Centerless Grinding Machines.
* Cylindrical Grinding Machines.
* Surface Grinding Machines.
* Tool and Cutter Grinding Machines.
* Drilling Machines.